2023 Felt

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2023 Felt AR Advanced 105 Di2 Road Bike

USD 3,200.00 USD 5,833.00

2023 FELT AR ADVANCED 105 DI2 ROAD BIKE • RACE-WORTHY SPEED WITH A MORE ACCESSIBLE BUILD An aero race bike is an exceptional addition to a performance-oriented rider's stable. For hard training efforts and your Strava segment hunting, you've got a perfect solo-effort rig.  For race day, the AR provides the platform that'll deliver..


2023 Felt AR Advanced Ultegra Di2 Road Bike

USD 4,400.00 USD 7,833.00

2023 FELT AR ADVANCED ULTEGRA DI2 ROAD BIKE • AERO-OPTIMIZED FOR SPEED Designed to cheat the wind and for hardcore riding, the AR is a dynamic bike willing to go the distance with whatever you can throw its way, whether that's driving the breakaway or positioning yourself for the final sprint.  Shimano's impressive Ultegra Di2 gro..

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