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Their new Xpro 15 Pedals show how far they’ve come while still fulfilling the mission Time’s founders set for themselves—to make clipless pedals comfortable, efficient, and zero stress on knees. The Xpro 15 is low wide, stable, great at cornering, incredibly light, and with almost no bearing drag. And, not coincidentally at all, improved aerodynamic performance.

It’s a busy pedal that is simple to operate. While it looks similar to the Xpresso it replaces, it’s very much an improvement. The first and most important improvement is the increased surface area, now out to 7252mm. This makes the pedal moCRANK BROTHERS CANDY 11 PEDALS

The Candy 11 steps up to the top of Crank Brothers Candy line, which is the platformed version of their Eggbeater cross-country and cyclocross pedals.

Many of the components in this pedal come from the Eggbeater 11. There’s the 6/4 titanium spindle and wings, as well as the blingy gold stainless steel spring.

The difference between the Candy and the Eggbeater is the addition of the aluminum body. The 62mm long, 16mm thick platform gives you something to stand on if you miss clipping in.

This Candy also shares an innovation with the Mallet E, the replaceable traction pads next to the retention system. These can be swapped for different thicknesses (1mm and 2mm included) or taken off completely. The point of them is to customize the contact between your shoe and your pedal. Some won’t want them because they’re shaving grams, others will want the thickest so that their shoe feels firmly attached to the pedal when clipped in.

Bearings are sealed and well-protected. As with many of their pedals, the inner bearings are Igus LL-glide bearings and the outer a super-durable and smooth Enduro cartridge bearings. Even with all this material, the pedals weigh only 249g per pair.

In terms of setting up the cleats, know that Crank designed theirs to offer two different release points. Array the cleats one way, and you shoe will release at fifteen degrees. Array the other, and it will release at 20 degrees.

One thing about titanium-spindled pedals. They have a rider weight limit. Crank Brothers puts that at 200lbs, or 90kg for those in metric lands.

The Crank Brothers Candy 11 Pedals offer both a sizable platform for confidence, and a svelte package for climbing stable, a plus for both comfort and pedaling efficiency. Second, the Iclic spring system, a carbon blade with three tension settings, is both easier to get into, because there’s no spring to overcome getting in, and more secure.

The pedal body is still carbon-fiber, the spindle hollow titanium, and the bearings are still from Ceramic Speed for the lowest possible frictional drag. The bottom of the pedal is smooth, for better airflow. It still can be serviced, thanks to the bottom also being secured to the pedal body via two bolts.

The stack height, from the middle of the spindle to the top of the three-bolt Iclic cleat, is 13.5mm. The included cleats still have adjustable Q-factor, five degrees of free float as well as 1.25mm of lateral freedom to either side. And to change the Q-factor, you swap the cleats—right for left and vice versa. They’ll fit on any shoe with the three-hole mounting standard in the sole. Cleats and hardware weigh 88g per pair.

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